Monday, September 12, 2011

Picture Perfect!

Don't you just love other peoples holiday snaps?
Don't answer that!
I did want to share one tranquil relaxing photo with you all and let you know that I achieved my goal.
My holiday goal that is - to read, sit, relax and eat. Although I possibly may have focused a little too much on the "eat" goal.
My partner and I stayed 8 nights in Port Douglas in Northern Queensland - a beautiful destination - with perfect weather every day.
I wasn't able to comment on anyones blog while I was away which was due to a problem I had with my Google account or it could have been the fact that the internet cafe was also an icecream shop. (I am sure it was Google tho) 
Now I am back and very relaxed so I cant wait to see what you have all been up to.
Scroll down to see the other 265 photos - Joking!!!


  1. im very jealous jenny how can a wet a dreary uk compare !!! im off to dig out my oz holiday snaps and make myself even more depressed !!! lol
    hugs sara x x x

  2. What a gorgeous spot! I'm glad you had a great time. Hope coming back to reality isn't too hard on you. ;-)

  3. Welcome home, Jenny! Your photo looks so peaceful! Glad you had a wonderful time :)

  4. Welcome back Jenny! I am glad you had great weather and that you got time to relax. I am sure there IS a connection between problems with Google and ice cream stores!

  5. Oh wow that looks awesome!!! I also love your card on the previous post. So clever!!! I would love to know how to use those copic markers! You did such a fantastic job - so bright, bold and precise! I'm your newest follower! :D Also, I would love it if you could join in my challenge over at Scrapbookit! :)


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