Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I found a cure!

This is sure to cure any illness - or at least it made me feel better for awhile.  I recently won a $75 voucher from 7 Kids College Fund Challenge No. 8 and my parcel of goodies arrived today. I had such fun going through their store and deciding which items I would like and it was even better today when I was able to unload all my treasures. Just imagine the fun I am going to have when I actually get time to use all of these products. They have such great things over at the 7 Kids store you should definitely have a look. Thanks again for a fabulous prize.


  1. How exciting Jenny! I hope you are going to get some time to lock yourself away in your craft room and have a play with all your goodies!
    Susan xxo

  2. Ooooh you lucky ducky!!! colour me jealous!!! he he!!! congratulations hun!!!! have fun!!! (hey I'm a poet!!) ROFL.
    Jacqui P


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