Saturday, August 21, 2010

Craft by Jenny

Hi All,

This is all new to me - my very own blog! I have been an avid blog follower for a while now and love checking everyday to see any new postings from my favourite bloggers. I decided that it couldn't be too hard to create my own - all i needed was time to myself to sit down in front of my computer. As I discovered, I didn't need much time at all. This was so easy to create and now I have a challenge to add posts regularly. I love a challenge!!! I love card making so I have included a recent card I made (at least I hope I have) I did say that this was easy didn't I?


  1. Congratulations Jenny! I created my first blog in February. Can't believe seven months have already come and gone. I have been inspired by fellow bloggers and it's wonderful to know that I have inspired others. It's like Christmas or at least my birthday when I log on and discover someone has left a message for me. Their comments truly inspire me to want to create more...and I do. I wish you lots of luck with you blog. Feel free to visit me at

  2. Wow! thanks heaps for your well wishes Lori. (You are my very first 'comment'). I will make sure that i follow your blog to keep me inspired. Jenny


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